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sex matters

Campaign for the right to choose single sex

Helpful groups, websites and resources.


Legal Factsheets

Fairplay for women is an informative website with well-reasearched articles on our legal rights. 



Overview Factsheets

Clear and simple printable factsheets which outline the issues.



Meetings all over the UK

Five reasonable demands.
Helpful resources. Meetings all over the UK.



Meetings all over the UK

Venice Allan hosts open
meetings with great speakers across the UK



Activist Group

Group doing timely actions. Raising awareness by leafletting & petitioning.



Weekly DIY Activism

Fellow mumsnetter group leading good-humoured activist stunts every week.



Schools Resource Pack

Parents concerned about the trend of young people and children becoming confused about their sex.



Research & testimonies

Resources by parents opposing the medicalising of children who do not adhere to sex stereotypes.



One woman's testimony

Maria MacLachlan brings together resources and events surrounding her being assaulted at Speaker's Corner. 



Anonymous chat site

Discussion, sharing information, forming activist groups, support and sounding off.

Mumsnet FWR


Topical Memes

Sandy Draws Badly creates and shares humourous topical cartoons from her twitter account



Solidarity Memes

Sensitively drawn portraits with quotes honouring those taking a stand in their own name.



Easy Activism

Topical email activisim firing off mass complaints.



Legal factsheet

Helpful workplace advice for people discriminated against for non-belief in sex change ideology.



Guide for non-lawyers about protecting women only spaces.

Dowloadable pdf.


Let a Woman Speak

New group organising talks in SW England.



Gender Critical Greens

Blog by a loose collective of people, challenging gender identity ideology and re-centring feminism in green politics.



Campaigning group

Fellow mumsnetter group challenging the sex stereotyping of children.


The Issues
Take A Stand!
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We Are

A group of over 500 people (and growing) who came together on Mumsnet, although not all of us are parents, sharing the same concern that our rights and choices are being eroded as part of a cultural shift towards denying human biology on the part of decision-makers, businesses, services and the media.

We have views spanning the political spectrum. We come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. We include academics, scientists, doctors, social workers, teachers, lawyers, shop workers and stay at home parents. We are women and men including those who identify as trans.

We believe that sex matters.

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