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sex matters

Campaign for the right to choose single sex

This campaign is for the right and freedom to choose.
To have the category, choice and provision for single sex.
To not have that right taken away as part of universal unisex inclusion.

We are calling for businesses and providers to invoke the Equality Act sex exemptions because users have the right to choose single-sex.

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We Are

A group of over 500 people (and growing) who came together on Mumsnet, although not all of us are parents, sharing the same concern that our rights and choices are being eroded as part of a cultural shift towards denying human biology on the part of decision-makers, businesses, services and the media.

We have views spanning the political spectrum. We come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. We include academics, scientists, doctors, social workers, teachers, lawyers, shop workers and stay at home parents. We are women and men including those who identify as trans.

We believe that sex matters.

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